Commission pricing guide


Commission pricing guide

Pricing Guide
Custom commissions: please note this is different from any design, graphic design, or commercial works.

Commissions will be an artist’s interpretation of any characters/subjects provided. 11×17 digital is what I normally work in. Please note this is just a guide and if you have any questions please email me at

Prices per Character: (Max 4 in one art piece)
* $180 for a single character,
* $120 for each characters after
* $50 and up for backgrounds depending on the complexity.
Printing and shipping Services available

* $240 Full body Ink and Marker, 9×12″
* $180 Bust Ink and Marker, 9×12″
* $100 Head Ink and Marker, 9×12″
* $60 Head Ink and Marker, Trading Card Size
* AP Cards available at $200 each shipped
Sketch covers available contact for pricing.